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eFIP (Extracting Functional Impact of Phosphorylation) is a tool to support article selection and information extraction of functional impact of phosphorylated proteins. The current version focuses on protein-protein interactions (PPIs) as functional impact. In eFIP, PPIs refer to interactions between protein elements, including protein complexes and classes of proteins. Impact is defined as any direct relation between protein phosphorylation and PPI. The relation could be positive (phosphorylation of A increases binding to B), negative (when phosphorylated A dissociates from B) or neutral (phosphorylated A binds B).

eFIP combines information provided by applications such as eGRAB, RLIMS-P, eGIFT, and our internal PPI tool to rank abstracts based on the information content related to protein phosphorylation, phosphorylation site information, PPI, and phosphorylation-PPI relation. Results for each abstract are displayed in a tabular format with links to text evidence for a quick inspection.

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