eGIFT (Extracting Gene Information From Text) identifies terms and documents that are relevant to a gene and its products.

Additional functionalities of eGIFT include:
- finding terms in documents for a group of genes
- finding genes sharing a specific term
- finding related terms and related genes

  genes linked to documents
  currently in eGIFT

Additional genes are included in the database on a daily basis. eGIFT's users can also request that a particular gene be added to the database.

The genes in eGIFT are not species-specific. The literature for many gene-species pairs is sparse, and because eGIFT uses a frequency-based approach, the results will be misleading if too few documents are used. The core properties of a gene are likely to be common to many species, and these will be captured as top-ranking terms in a species-independent approach.

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